Document collections

Document collections is a powerful feature of Copying Machine. It gives you the possibility to arrange your documents in folders. These folder are directly accessible in the advanced mode of Copying Machine. By creating collections it is also possible to save documents automatically after you have scanned them with a formatted file name.

The document collections can be configured in the settings of Copying Machine. The following options are available:

Automatically save an acquired document to a collection

This options will automatically save an acquired document to a collection. You can choose the collection during the scanning process.

Document collection

This control lists all available collection. To add a new collection, choose the item '<add new collection>'. The 'default' collection cannot be removed or renamed. The following settings are available per collection:

  • Name: this is the name of the collection. This name appears in the selection window 'Document collections' in the advanced mode.
  • Preferred filetype: this is the filetype you prefer to save an acquired document in. Copying Machine will try to use this file type as default. However, if you try to save a multi-page document as a JPEG then Copying Machine will use another filetype instead.
  • Color depth: this is the preferred color depth (if supported by your scanner).
  • Resolution: the preferred resolution (if supported by your scanner).
  • Format filename: this is the format for the name of the acquired document. You can use tags in this format so that Copying Machine can for example automatically at the current date to it. The tags you can use can be added by clicking the 'tags' button.
  • Default folder: this is the folder to which the documents will be saved.