Menu document


This command will start the 'copy-in-one-step' process. This means that a dialog will appear with which you can scan multiple pages and print them in one step. This is the easiest and fastest method of copying a document in Copying Machine.


This command will start a scanning process and the scanned pages are placed inside a new document.

Close document

This command will close the current document.

Acquire pages

This is a sub menu and contains several options for scanning document. The first option is adding new pages to the current document by scanning them. The second option is ´acquire odd pages´. This option will add new pages too but will add them as odd pages in the document structure. The third option is ´acquire even pages´. This is in fact the same option as the previous one, but instead it will add the new pages as even pages in the document structure. These two options are useful if you need to scan multiple double sided pages. In that case you won´t have to do anything more in order to rebuild the original order of the scanned pages.

Delete page

This command will delete the currently selected page from the document.

Cut page

This command place the current page on the clipboard and remove it from the current document.

Copy page

This command will copy the current page to the clipboard.

Paste as new page

This command will add the contents of the clipboard to the current document.