Menu page

Convert to

This is a sub menu which contains two options. You can either convert the current page to a grayscale format or you can convert the page to a black and white format.

Rotate and flip

This is a sub menu which contains commands for rotating and flipping the page.

Crop page

This command will crop the page to the size of the selection rectangle.

Fill selection

This command will fill the selection with the selected color. It depends on the selection mode if either the inside or the outside of the selection is filled.

Recognize text...

This command open a dialog for recognized the text within the current selection. In the dialog you can change the language of the OCR module. Changing the language can enhance the recognition rate of the module. If recognition is succesful a text block will be added in the recognition layer of the page.

Copy text to clipboard

This command copies the contents of all the text blocks on the current page to the clipboard.

Delete recognized text

This command will delete all the text blocks from the current page.

Color picker

This command will set the page viewer to color picking mode. In this mode you can select a color by clicking on a page. The color will change to color you point at.

Choose color...

This command will open a standard dialog for selecting a color in Windows.


This command will undo the last action performed on the current page.


This command will redo the last action which was undone on the current page.