Menu view


This is a sub menu and contains options to change the magnification level of the page viewer. You can set the magnification level between 10% and 200%. The default mode is 'Zoom to fit page'. In this mode the magnification level will be adjust so that the complete page fits inside the page viewer. The last option is 'Zoom to fit selection'. This command will change the magnification level so that the selected area of the page will fit the viewer.

Recognition layer

This command will show or hide the recognition layer. This layer contains the text blocks which contain recognized text. The text blocks are red shaded rectangles.

Pane copy

This command will show the copy pane in the right pane of the window. This pane contains the most important settings and action buttons for copying document

Pane page

This command will show the page pane in the right pane of the window. This pane contains actions for manipulating the selected page. For example it contains buttons for cropping and rotating the page.

Pane information

This command will show the information pane. This pane contains information about the size of the document and the page. In this pane also the resolution of the image can be edited.

Switch to easy...

This command will switch Copying Machine to its ´easy´ mode. In this mode you have all the controls for copying documents, but you will not be able to manipulate the document as in the advanced mode.