Easy mode

Easy mode is the default mode of Copying Machine. This mode has everything you need for copying documents easy and quickly. If you want more control then switch to advanced mode.

Main Window

The main window in easy mode consists of three parts; the main window, the preview window and the preferences window. The main window contains the controls to select the input (acquire from) and the output (copy to) device. The controls contains all the connected devices Copying Machine can use. Furthermore there are three button; the copy button for starting the copy process, the view button which shows a small menu and the exit button to close Copying Machine.

The preview window shows a preview of an acquired page before it is send to the selected output device. In makes it possible to stop the copying process if the quality of the scan does not matches your requirements or if a scan or print setting is set incorrectly.

Finally the preferences window contains the basic settings to manipulate the copying process. It contains the following controls:

  • Always show device interface. When this is enabled you will always see a dialog of the scan and print device. This will give you more control of the end result.
  • Color depth. The color depth gives you the option to scan a document in black and white, grayscale or color.
  • Resolution. This option gives you control over the level of detail of the scanning process. Most of the times a resolution of 200 or 300 dpi gives a good result.
  • Copies. This setting controls the number of printed copies of the scanned document.
  • All preferences. This button will show the preferences dialog. This dialog contains all possible settings in Copying Machine.
main window

Copy a document

Copying a document is easy in this mode:

  1. In the main window, select a input device (acquire from) and an output device (copy to) from the comboboxes.
  2. Press the 'copy' button. The scanning process will start.
  3. If the preview window is visible then the a print preview will be shown. You can either accept or decline this preview. If you decline then the copy process will stop and you will need to start over again. If you accept then the acquired pages will be printed on the output device.
  4. If the preview window is not visible then the acquired pages will be printed to the output device.


The button ´View´ contains a menu. In this menu there are four options:

  • Preferences, with this command you can show or hide the preferences window.
  • Preview, with this command you can show or hide the preview windows.
  • Switch to advanced, this command switches Copying Machine to advanced mode.
  • About, this option opens the about dialog which shows for example the current version number of Copying Machine.

Advanced mode

The advanced mode of Copying Machine has more options for editing the scanned documents. You can for example change the size of the pages, rotate them or even recognize text of parts of the pages. You can enable this mode by open the ´View´ menu and select the option ´Switch to advanced...´.