The toolbar contains the options you probably will use most often. The toolbar contains the following buttons:


This command will start the 'copy-in-one-step' process. This means that a dialog will appear with which you can scan multiple pages and print them in one step. This is the easiest and fastest method of copying a document in Copying Machine.


This command will start a scanning process and the scanned pages are placed inside a new document.


This command will open a document from a (local) drive.


This command will save the current document to a drive.


This command will print the current document to the printer.

Print preview

This command switch the page viewer to print preview mode. In this mode the current page is shown as it would appear on a printed page.

Choose color

This command will open a color selection dialog. With this dialog the color can be selected which is used for filling the selection.


This command will undo the previous operation performed on the current page.


This command will redo the last operation that is undone.


This command will open the preferences dialog. The preferences dialog contains settings for printing, scanning and some general settings.

Switch to easy

This command switch Copying Machine to its 'easy' mode.